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What is an Autobiographical Essay?

An autobiographical essay, which is also known as a personal narrative, is a personal statement in which a student describes an event or a series of events that have transformed him or her into the individual they are today. An autobiographical essay should display to the reader why the student is valuable and why the student should be admitted into a particular college or be granted a scholarship. As a student, you should think of each admission or scholarship as being an investment some else is making in you. Therefore, you should try to persuade that person that you are totally worth the investment.

How to Write an Autobiographical Essay

The first thing you should consider when preparing an autobiographical essay is what topic or experience from your life you will write about. Avoid clichés such as school trips or the first time you voted. Instead, think of a topic that is completely unique to you and truly describes you as the individual you have become today. You are a wiser, stronger person because you lived through it. If you need professional help writing your autobiographical essay, consider purchasing an essay from.

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Just the Facts

What choice do you make – do you write about your personal life or do you invent a story complete with details that could be in a Hollywood blockbuster film? Ultimately, the main facts in your autobiographical essay should be true. Imagine you are facing the readers of your essay – the individuals who will look at all the autobiographical essays that are submitted – and they are asking what is the most important thing you are able to tell them about yourself that really defines you as a unique individual worthy of attending the university or worthy of receiving the big scholarship. You don’t want this answer to be a complete fabrication. In any case, someone who reads a lot of these autobiographical essays annually is going to be highly trained in spotting false information.

However, your autobiographical essay doesn’t have to be about something huge like saving someone’s life or battling a terminal illness. You could write about how you discovered your true passion or professional vocation. Or perhaps you might wish to write about a relative that taught you a valuable lesson during your childhood that has made a difference in your life today.

Sprinkled With a Dash of Fiction

You may wish to add a few fictional details that do not affect the main parts of your autobiographical essay in order to catch the reader’s attention. For example, you could change the time the event happened such as making it years ago instead of just last month. Or you could describe characters where you change eye color to match your own when talking about the influence your deceased grandfather had in your life. These small details make the personal statement a bit more vibrant and literary without taking anything away from the main ideas. However, you must remember the little details that you changed. If your autobiographical essay is followed by a face-to-face interview, you don’t want to get caught by the interviewer in a contradiction with your personal statement.

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